Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros

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Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros: Specific Trading Techniques by Suri Duddella 

"Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros" is designed and aimed at Technical traders who
rely on Chart Patterns in their Daily and Swing trading/analysis. This book is written with 'Trader' in mind and focuses on 'How To' and 'What Next' concepts for each of the 65 chart patterns presented. Each pattern is clearly illustrated with the to the point brief synopsis, entry and exit points along with targets and stops.

Each chart pattern is shown with clarity and detail in the explanation  and illustration throughout the book. Along with the large variety of chart patterns, 225 large illustrated charts with specific entries/exits and detailed targets/stops on 300+ pages.

Chart patterns are organized in its own categories like 'Geometric Patterns',
'Harmonic Patterns', 'Tops and Bottoms' and many other groups. Each chart pattern
is shown with clear trading examples and Specific Entries/Stops with Targets. 

About the Author:

Suri Duddella is a private trader for the past 20 years using his proprietary Mathematical and Algorithmic models and Pattern recognition methods. Prior to joining the Financial Markets,  Suri was an Engineering consultant for Fortune 100 companies.  Suri authored and published book "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" in 2007.

Suri Duddella was a founder of a Financial research and analysis company (, inc.) from 1998 to 2005 specializing in Financial Modeling, Research/Analysis, and Technology architecture for Financial Institutions, Investment Research and Investment Media companies. Suri's Research company was ranked the Best of the Web by Forbes Magazine from 2000 to 2003, and featured in Barron's as an Excellent Technical Analysis in 2002.

Suri Duddella's research has been reviewed and featured in Forbes, Barron's, Active Trader, Stocks and Commodities, TRADERS' magazine (Germany), Traders Journal, Washington Business Journal Magazines and various newspapers. Suri has also appeared on various television  and radio shows. In addition, he presented his research at various investment conferences in the United States and Germany. Suri has published market analysis articles in 'Stocks and Commodities', 'TRADERS', 'Active Trader', 'Chart Point', 'Traders World', 'Traders Journal' magazines.

Suri Duddella's trading methodology and interview published in the book 'Bulls, Bears and Brians of Financial Internet' written by Adam Leitzes and Joshua Solan. Suri's interviews are published by 'Stocks and Commodities',and  TRADERS' magazines.

Suri Duddella is a member of 'American Association of Professional Technical Analysts' (AAPTA) and an affiliate member of ëMarket Technicians Associationí (MTA).

Suri Duddellaís email:

Paperback: 276 pages

Publisher: Self Published by Author

ISBN-13: 978-1604027211

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