The Opening Price Principle

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The Opening Price Principle by Larry Pesavento and Peggy MacKay

Together, we (Larry and Peggy) have 50 years experience in the markets. We trade the Opening Price Principle every day we are in the markets. It has made us money and saved us money. Why share this principle? We share it because we are committed to teaching traders. It is a workbook to illustrate the principle and you do have to do some work. That is the nature of learning and gaining experience and eventually coming to a place of wisdom. The Opening Price Principle is a powerful tool for day traders and the concept is communicated clearly and focuses on the real and very practical constraints every trader faces in today’s markets. There is an amazingly reliable relationship between the opening price and the high/low range for the entire day. This relationship is generally known only to seasoned veterans. This new book from 2 traders with over 50 years combined experience reveals this consistent pattern, illustrates it with many tabular and charted examples, and tells you how to trade profitably using it. If you are a short term trader in EITHER stocks or futures, the knowledge you will gain from this book will give you a tremendous advantage every day for the rest of your trading life!

Spiral-bound: 104 pages

Publisher: Traders Press, Inc. (October 19, 2000)

ISBN-13: 978-0934380706

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