Support and Resistance Simplified

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Support and Resistance Simplified by Michael Thomsett 

Support and Resistance is perhaps the greatest contribution, and most widely held concept in technical analysis, and has since become an invaluable method for technical trader and investor alike.

As founder and president of the nations most recognized research and education facility for traders, MarketWise Trading School's core curriculum and analysis begins with a thorough understanding of Support and Resistance.

This excellent primer explains these dynamics and the proper use of S&R using today's technology

From the foreword by : David S. Nassar, Founder/CEO, MarketWise Trading School L.L.C.

Support and Resistance. It's one of the most basic - and most important - elements of technical trading. Why? Because it eliminates most of the guesswork and allows you to make logical, well-supported trading decisions, rather than impulsive, emotion-driven choices.

Now, discover how to apply the true power of this key concept to your own trading program with Support & Resistance Simplified. This easy-reading primer is the first work in decades devoted solely to S&P. From basic to complex strategies, every nuance and vital new application is explained in easy-to-follow terms. Trendlines, Channels, Chart Patterns, and more - are covered. Plus, find critical insights into:

What it is How it's traditionally used to enhance trading success How it applies to Swing Trading - and other popular strategies How new technology has made it even more effective for pinpointing entry/exit points with amazing precision And - how it can keep you on the winning side of the market Active traders, market enthusiasts and occasional investors alike enjoy a real market edge using S&R. Now - put it to work for you - with the simplified techniques found in Support & Resistance Simplified.

Table of Contents:

Foreword By David S. Nassar

Introduction Chapter 1 SR: The Foundation of Technical Analysis Chapter 2 The Dow Theory: Applying SR to Individual Stocks Chapter 3 Trend Lines and Channels: Techniques to Identifying SR Levels Chapter 4 Chart Patterns: Visual Confirmation of Price Movement Chapter 5 Swing Trading; Creating Maximum Profit Opportunities Chapter 6 Learning to Forecast SR Levels Chapter 7 Volume: The Other Confirming Measure Chapter 8 Applying Modern Innovations to SR Applications Glossary Educational Resources

Paperback: 127 pages

Publisher: Marketplace Books (August 25, 2003)

ISBN-13: 978-1592800674

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