Stock Trading Techniques Based on Price Patterns

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Stock Trading Techniques Based on Price Patterns by Mike Harris

Michael Harris does it again! One year after his first best seller, Short-Term Trading with Price Patterns, his second and long awaited books, specifically written for stock traders, is finally out! This new book describes the complete theory Michael Harris has developed for using price patterns and its application to stock trading. Amongst other you will find:

How to analyze patterns and use them in developing trading rules How to discover patterns using visual and automated techniques How to build trading system models using price patterns, back-test them and use them in automated or manual fashion Advanced trading techniques for position and risk management An introduction to a new indicator based on price patterns, the p-Indicator An in-depth discussion of money management A library of fully documented and back-tested price patterns Never before such an extensive treatment of the subject of price patterns has been put in a single publication. In addition, the reader is presented with useful insight on the subjects of trading time frames, trading system modeling and back-testing. The book is packed with useful information that all traders should have a chance to read it.

Hardcover: 244 pages

Publisher: Traders Press, Inc. (December 1, 2000)

ISBN-13: 978-0934380683 

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