Stock Market Wizards

by Jack Schwager
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Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America's Top Stock Traders by Jack Schwager

This decade has witnessed the most dynamic bull market in U.S. stock history, a collapse in commodity prices, and dramatic failures in some of the world's leading hedge funds.

How have some traders managed to significantly outperform a stock market that, until recently, moved virtually straight up? This book will feature interviews with those traders who achieved phenomenal success, from an Ohio farmer who enjoyed triple-digit returns to a Turkish émigré who transformed a $16,000 account into $6 million, to professional hedge-fund managers such as Michael Masters of Capital Management.

Today, the action is on the stock market. This book will be a must-have for that sector, as well as for the legions of individuals that eagerly bought Market Wizards.

Hardcover: 415 pages

Publisher: Wiley (September 2008) 

ISBN-13: 978-1592803361

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