Short Term Trading with Price Patterns

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Short Term Trading with Price Patterns by Mike Harris 

In this best seller, Michael Harris, a well known trader and system developer, explains in detail his short-term trading methodology that help him win a fourth place in the 1994 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading.

You will learn:

How to model and test winning trading systems

How to develop a systematic trading approach

How to use price patterns to build trading systems

Advanced ways of using price patterns to trade

An introduction to the p-Indicator, a new short-term trading indicator -

A discussion of money management that makes sense

A library of fully documented and back-tested price patterns

This is the first time that a systematic trading methodology is presented in detail and in a way that every trader can use. A perfect book for active futures traders but the concepts explained apply to stock trading as well. A must read for every serious trader.

Hardcover: 210 pages

Publisher: Traders Press, Inc. (2000)

ISBN-13: 978-0934380607 

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