Screening the Market

by Marc Gerstein
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Screening the Market: A Four Step Method To Find, Analyze, Buy and Sell Stocks by Marc Gerstein

No matter how good you are at reading stock price charts, understanding business dynamics, or deciphering financial statements, you’ll never achieve investment success if you continue to apply your skills to stocks that aren’t really worthy of being looked at in the first place.

Screening the Market helps solve this dilemma by offering you a systematic market screening method. Gerstein focuses your attention on stocks you may or may not have heard of in the past, but which deserve attention right now, not because they are being discussed on television or by the your friends, but because they meet objective merit-oriented tests based on your investment goals and style. This method is for you, whether you create your own screens or choose among many of today’s readily available pre-set screens. It covers the entire life of your stock investments, no matter what your preferences–value, growth, or blue-chip.

Before exploring one of the best ways to find stock investment ideas, screening expert Marc Gerstein helps you get comfortable with this method by discussing certain widely held concepts about investing and how they relate to stock market screening. You’ll learn about what to expect–and what not to expect–as you begin to utilize this incredible investment method, and find out why it works so well.

After this brief introduction, Screening the Market takes you to the heart and soul of this screening method by going far beyond the topic of using software packages to generate lists. Rather than preach an impractical, unrealistic formula for success, this book presents a complete four-step method that promotes a discipline and diligence that continually asks you to examine your investment goals and determine how well a particular stock matches up to them. This four-step method will show you how to:

Step 1: Find . . . a group of stocks worthy of further study

Step 2: Analyze . . . a specific company and its stock

Step 3: Buy . . . the best of the stocks that pass muster

Step 4: Sell . . . stocks that, after review, are no longer suitable

With each step covered in full detail, you’ll quickly learn how to implement this practical plan to find market-beating stocks and build a solid portfolio that meets your investment goals.

Screening the Market lets you tailor your investment strategies to your investment needs. Take this opportunity to enhance your investment skills–by asking yourself what your investment goals are and what you are willing to do to achieve them–and then start screening the markets for the best available investment opportunities.

Hardcover: 288 pages

Publisher: Wiley; (August 15, 2002)

ISBN-13: 978-0471215592 

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