Muscular Portfolios

by Brian Livingston
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Muscular Portfolios By Brian Livingston

Conventional wisdom has us believing that in order to get big returns, you have to accept big risks. Muscular Portfolios shows us this adage is simply not true.   For decades, the financial services industry has sold risky investments, claiming that this was the only path to large gains. But this strategy is highly vulnerable to big losses that can devastate your portfolio.   Today, there’s a better approach. It combines the latest academic research in finance with the new ultra-low-cost index funds (ETFs or exchange-traded funds). The result is an approach that provides market-like returns with dramatically  smaller losses. And it requires only 15 minutes a month (or less).   Muscular Portfolios lays out the basic principles of this kind of investing so you can manage your own money successfully — without turning it into your second job. Investigative journalist Brian Livingston takes you behind the curtain of Wall Street and lays out a game-changing approach to investing:  Muscular Portfolios, which are easy-to-use financial strategies you can set up yourself, even if you have no investment experience at all.   Filled with helpful illustrations, compelling evidence, and simple, no-nonsense instructions, Muscular Portfolios is a resource, not a sales pitch. There are no financial products to buy, no secret formula to pay for. Everything is fully disclosed in bite-sized steps — and on a totally free website — that you can start using today to grow your wealth.   Driven by cutting-edge investment research and backed by extensive market testing, Muscular Portfolios will revolutionize investing for families and individual investors.

Hardcover: 444 pages

Publisher: BenBellaBooks,Inc. (October, 2018)

ISBN-13: 978-1946885388

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