Investor Skills Training

by Rob. A. Ronin

Investor Skills Training by Dr. Rob A. Ronin

Investing in the stock market presents almost unlimited opportunities for smart people to make foolish mistakes. Investor Skills Training helps readers avoid these errors by providing an organized, streamlined tutorial explaining how to manage risk and emotions when buying stocks and mutual funds.

Readers are taught skills for objectively identifying strength at all levels of the market: major indices, business sectors, and individual stocks. In addition, Investor Skills Training explains how to manage the strong emotions that often sabotage investing decisions. Negative emotions create a reality of feelings rather than facts, often leading to monumental mistakes even for individuals who know a great deal about technical investing. says author Rob A. Ronin, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist and Registered Financial Consultant.

All too often it takes a sizable loss - whether in money or opportunity - before individuals realize that they have overestimated their investing abilities, or those of trusted advisors. The raging Bull market of the 1990s was strong enough to reward the skilled and lucky alike, but the new millennium has shown that weak or flat markets demand essential skills if investors are to survive with their financial and emotional health intact.

Investor Skills Training outlines a program that helps the reader uncover his or her unique investor identity, acquire screening skills to differentiate strong stocks and mutual funds from weak ones, and realistically estimate the time and energy that is required for managing a personal portfolio. If time and energy are in short supply as they are for most busy investors, Dr. Ronin explains how to initiate and maintain a successful relationship with a financial professional, who can help to achieve long-term goals.

Further chapters explain how to recognize the negative emotions that can lead to costly mistakes. Readers are taught to identify the thinking traps that directly sabotage investing decisions, and to avoid these pitfalls by implementing specific techniques.

The ability to manage risk and emotions is the key to stock market prosperity. This book unlocks the door and invites the reader on a journey to investing success. 

Hardcover: 203 pages

Publisher: Traders Press, Inc. (January 31, 2004)

ISBN-13: 978-0934380973

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