Investment Psychology Explained

by Martin Pring
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Investment Psychology Explained by Martin Pring

Expert advice in a back-to-basics handbook on how to beat the market-the classic way

In Investment Psychology Explained Martin J. Pring, one of the most respected independent investment advisors in the world, argues that in the revisionist '90s there are no quick, magical paths to market success. Rather, he emphasizes the timeless values of hard work, patience, and self-discipline-and much more. Drawing on the wisdom of creative investors such as Jesse Livermore, Humphrey Neill, and Barnard Baruch, as well as his own experience, Pring shows how to:

* Overcome emotional and psychological impediments that distort decision making

* Map out an independent investment plan-and stick to it

* Know when to buck herd opinion-and "go contrarian"

* Dispense with the myths and delusions that drag down other investors

* Resist the fads and so-called experts whose siren call to success can lead to disaster

* Exploit fast-breaking news events that rock the market

* Deal skillfully with brokers and money managers

* Learn and understand the rules that separate the truly great investors and traders from the rest

Reading Investment Psychology Explained will give you a renewed appreciation of the classic trading principles that, through bull and bear markets, have worked time and again. You'll see, with the help of numerous illustrative examples, what goes into making an effective investor-and how you can work toward achieving that successful profile. 

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Wiley; (October 20, 1995) 

ISBN-13: 978-0471133001 

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