Investing Online For Dummies (8th Edition)

by Matt Krantz
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Investing Online For Dummies 8th Edition by Matt Krantz 

Expert online investing advice that you can take to the bank! 

Want to take firm control of your investments and reach your financial goals, but baffled by the dizzying array of online tools? Start with this bestselling guide. Investing Online For Dummies, 8th Edition will help you build your portfolio with the latest financial management information, tools, and resources available. This top-notch, incredibly popular guide will help you pick stocks, find an online broker, construct a profitable portfolio, research investment data online, parse risk, analyze stocks and financial statements, and so much more. 

Addresses critical issues for beginning investors to understand, from setting expectations to determining how much to invest, assessing your comfort level for risk, and finding a broker you trust

Guides online investors on how to invest wisely, grow their portfolios, and weigh all their options before making key decisions 

Highlights a variety of websites, online calculators, databases, and online communities that will help you make beneficial decisions 

Explores using online tools to calculate returns and risk, how to select mutual funds with online databases, buying bonds online, and more 

Investing Online For Dummies, 8th Edition is one investment that is sure to yield a profit...and fast! 

Paperback: 408 pages 

Publisher: For Dummies; 8th Edition (December 2012)

ISBN-13: 978-1118495360

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