How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market

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How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market by William Jiller 

Risk is inherent in living, and risk-capital is the lifeblood of the free enterprise system. Man evolved and progressed by assuming risks, and at the same time, using all of his experience, ingenuity and thinking processes to minimize such risks. The stock market-a vital organ in the economic life of a free democracy-is a staging area for receiving and marshalling risk-capital in the march toward a greater and more prosperous economy.

Just as the progress of man was smoothed by the minimization of risk, the economic well-being of the individual investor and of the economic life process itself depends upon the reduction of risk. How can one utilize this concept in his investment program? Stock exchanges and leading brokerage houses advertise Investigate Before You Invest. This is a good start, but it is important also to Investigate After You Invest.

Far too few investors bother with even cursory investigations. And many who pride themselves on the thoroughness of their research ignore what is probably the most important part of any investment analysis-the changing psychology of buyers and sellers as reflected in price movements. Briefly, are prices heading up, down or sideways?

The neglect of this essential ingredient stems from a lack of knowledge and a paucity of published material on the research of price movements. this book, which utilizes a simple chart of price history, is a humble attempt to help fill the void. It is not designed as a system or a gimmick for playing the market, but as an introduction to the field of price analysis with some practical hints on how this knowledge can be used to minimize risks and help to improve investment results.

Hardcover: 202 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; (October 2003)

ISBN-13: 978-0071426848 
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