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Cloud Charts -  Trading success with the Ichimoku Technique by David Linton 

Cloud Charts teaches you all about the Ichimoku technique originally from Japan and now used by traders all over the world. The book is the first major work in English on the technique and covers everything you need to know to trade with Ichimoku effectively. Cloud Charts comes with full introductory summary to the most useful technical analysis techniques and how to apply them with Cloud Charts. The book covers many groundbreaking ideas including multiple timeframe analysis, combining clouds and other techniques, backtesting and trading strategies. 

From the back cover: 

Cloud Charts are increasingly being selected as the chart of choice on trading screens
around the world. Cloud Charts, a ground breaking and comprehensive book, is the
first to lift the lid on this remarkable leading-edge trading technique.
The charts are a newly discovered form of technical analysis in financial markets,
developed towards the end of the last century in Japan, where they are known as
Ichimoku. Whether you are a long term investor or a short term trader, you will find
this simple idea to be highly valuable for your own investing and trading decisions.

Cloud Charts is divided into three parts. 

  • Part 1 provides background on the main ideas
    of technical analysis. This serves as an introduction to the newcomer to technical trading and offers a useful refresher for experienced traders, giving you all you need to get started with Cloud Charts. 
  • Part 2 covers the construction and interpretation of Cloud Charts along with worked examples of how to apply them in real market conditions. 
  • Part 3 looks at more advanced ground breaking Cloud Chart ideas and proves they work through thorough backtests. 

Some of the key things you will learn from this book include: 

• How to know the prevailing trend instantly on any chart
• When the trend has changed before the rest of the market sees it
• What tools work best in particular market conditions
• How to analyse trends within trends and understand multiple time frame analysis
• Where future price targets can be identified quickly for any financial instrument
• How to know when it is time to sell and avoid further falls in price
• Results from the best trading strategies using Cloud Charts

Cloud Charts is also updated with regular analysis examples, webcasts and further material at 

All this is illustrated in full colour with hundreds of charts and diagrams and observations from over 25 years of experience at the forefront of technical trading. Cloud Charts is a ‘must read’ for anyone looking to trade financial markets successfully. 


Hardcover: 240 pages

Publisher: Updata Plc (March 2010)

ISBN-13: 978-0956517104

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