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Our two-day online investing conference returned August 10th & 11th, and we streamed the entire event online to a global audience. Even though the live broadcast has ended, you can still catch up on all the presentations with our complete video recordings. 

Volatilty is back, and ChartCon 2018 is here just in time! We've assembled an all-star cast of industry-leading technical analysts, giving them a platform to share their expertise and guide you through the systems they use to find success in any market. Learn more about how they're navigating today's changing tides and remaining profitable even as the market swings.  

Featured Speakers/Conference Agenda

Day 1 - August 10th, 2018

Greg Schnell  
Greg Schnell  - Starting Your Trading Day With High Potential Setups

Dr. Alex Elder  
Dr. Alexander Elder  - Control Risk By Setting Volatility-Based Entries, Targets And Stops

Bruce Fraser  
Bruce Fraser  - Better Entries, Tighter Stops With Fewer Losses Using The Wyckoff Method

Tom McClellan 
Tom McClellan  - How To See Trouble Coming In Advance

Erin Swenlin  
Erin Swenlin  - The DecisionPoint Analysis Approach to Risk Reduction

Tushar Chande 
Tushar Chande  - Playing Offense and Defense with Chande Trend Meter (CTM)

Arthur Hill 
Arthur Hill  - Systematic Techniques For Trend Following And Risk Management

 Day 2 - August 11th, 2018

John Murphy 
John Murphy (via telephone)  - Intermarket Analysis Of Today's Financial Markets

David Keller 
David Keller  - The Mindless Investor And The Mindful Investor

Gatis Roze 
Gatis Roze  - 15 Probability Enhancers You Need To Achieve Stock Market Mastery

Greg Morris 
Greg Morris  - Concepts Every Technical Analyst Should Understand

Tom Bowley 
Tom Bowley  - Crucial Steps To Improve Your Risk-Adjusted Returns

Mary Ellen McGonagle 
Mary Ellen McGonagle  - Efficient Methods To Uncover A Risk-On Market Environment

Martin Pring 
Martin Pring  - Three Techniques For Identifying A Positive Trading Environment

Julius de Kempenaer 
Julius de Kempenaer  - RRG: "Relative Rotation" Or "Risk Reduction" Graphs?

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