ChartCon 2014 Online Videos

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In August of 2014, hundreds of charting enthusiasts gathered in Seattle to learn more about charting.  Now you can purchase access to the key presentation videos recorded during our ChartCon 2014 conference, streaming them conventiently on to your own computer screen.

The feedback that we received from people that attended the conference was extremely positive.  For example, here is what one of the ChartCon presenters had to say about the conference:

"Chip, let me tell you, ChartCon was an amazing event.  Truly the best that I have gone to and I have gone to many events all over the world.  The speakers and the attendees were all first-class.  What you did, it was amazing, thank you very much!" - Alex Elder

Now you can see what Dr. Elder was talking about by purchasing this video collection.  Here's a list of the presenters and the presentations that are included in this package: 

ChartCon 2014 presenters: 

John Murphy, Chief Technical Analyst,
Alexander Elder, Author, Trading for a Living
Martin Pring, Author, Technical Analysis Explained
Richard Arms, Inventor of the Arms Index
Chip Anderson, President of
Arthur Hill, Senior Technical Analyst,
Greg Schnell, Technical Analyst,
Erin Heim, Technical Analyst, DecisionPoint
Tom Bowley, Technical Analyst, InvestEd Central
Gatis Roze, Author, The Trader’s Journal
Bruce Fraser, Professor, Golden Gate University
Gord Greer, Scanning Evangelist, 

Day 1 Content:   

  • Using StockCharts New Features - Chip Anderson
  • Trading with Intermarket Analysis - John Murphy
  • My Favorite Analysis Tools - Alex Elder
  • Maximizing Your Returns, Minimizing Your Time - Gatis Roze
  • Profiting via RRG Charts - Julius de Kempenaer
  • Where Do We Go From Here? - Panel

Day 2 Content:    

  • Scanning for Fun and Profit - Gord Greer & Chip Anderson
  • New Uses for KST - Martin Pring
  • Using Arms CandleVolume Charts - Richard Arms
  • Power Chart Reading with the Wyckoff Method - Bruce Fraser
  • The Closest Thing to a Free Lunch - Arthur Hill
  • Trading as a Psychological Game - Alex Elder

    Again, by purchasing this package, you gain full access to all of these presentations and can stream them onto your computer display anytime you want.

    A full-price ticket to ChartCon 2014 cost $699 in the days just before the conference.  That makes the $199 price for these presentations a bargain!  Don't miss out on this opportunity! 

    Technical Note: These video are delivered via your web browser and the Vimeo video streaming service.  Please make sure that your computer equipment can successfully view Vimeo videos before ordering this package.  StockCharts is unable to fix technical issues with viewing Vimeo videos.  Click here for technical help with Vimeo.

    This online video collection is non-returnable and non-refundable.

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