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About This Plug-In:

The Tensile Trading ChartPack is a powerful organizational tool that captures the massiveness of the market and boils it all down to a small number of organized and manageable groups of essential ChartLists. The ChartPack facilitates focusing on the key charts that really matter and that will produce the most attractive high probability trades the market has to offer. It is based on the methodology and routines used by Gatis Roze that have produced consistent stock market profits for over 25 years.

Most money managers and traders will not share their approaches. You can understand why. A few will talk about their methodologies in generalizations, knowing that the essential fuel that runs the investing engine is discipline and carefully designed routines. It is these routines that take decades to get right. It’s these routines they seldom share, and it’s these routines that allow investors to consistently replicate profitable trades.

It is specifically for these 3 reasons that I believe the release of my Tensile Trading ChartPack will be a pivotal event in the lives of many individual investors. You’ll soon learn that carefully organized ChartLists become the magical workhorse to help you uncover the best investment opportunities in the shortest period of time and then give you the confidence to act upon what you’ve uncovered. In addition, your monitoring and sell-side efforts will benefit immediately. To put it simply, the ChartPack will enhance your abilities as an investor to make high-probability profitable trades.

This ChartPack is an organization of over 90 ChartLists, most pre-populated with essential indexes, ETFs and equities.   The bottom line is that over 1,000 preformatted charts, representing hundreds of hours of physical inputting, will allow you to optimize your time and maximize your analysis. The quarterly updates of the Fidelity Sector Funds most recent buys and sells alone will produce potent investment ideas for your consideration. Do not be mistaken: this is no academic collection of symbols and styles.

Remember, too, that each and every one of these charts can be easily personalized, customized or deleted once they are in your account. Lastly, an unexpected benefit has been the growing cadre of Tensile Trading users who continually proffer progressive suggestions that enrich the profitability of the ChartPack with each quarterly update.


About The Author:

Grayson is the author of "Trading for Dummies" (Wiley, 2017) and "Tensile Trading: The 10 Essential Stages of Stock Market Mastery" (Wiley, 2016). He is also the Vice President of Operations at and the co-founder of Stock Market Mastery, which provides proven investment education to individuals through a variety of mediums, including live courses, books and DVDs (visit to learn more). Grayson speaks regularly at various investment seminars throughout the country, including to organizations such as the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) and the Chartered Market Technicians Association (CMT Association). Grayson holds a Bachelor's degree from Swarthmore College, where he studied Economics and Psychology.



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