21st Century Point and Figure

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21st Century Point and Figure: New and Advanced Techniques for Using Point and Figure Charts by Jeremy du Plessis

New book 21st Century Point and Figure by Jeremy du Plessis, brings Point and Figure charting into the modern age. Essential reading for technical analysts and fans of his previous book - The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure

Jeremy du Plessis, author of critically acclaimed and now industry standard work The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure returns with a new hardback title - 21st Century Point and Figure. 

Bringing Point and Figure charting into the 21st Century with a radical new approach, it is sure to become essential reading for the many committed technical analysts and fans of Jeremy’s previous book. Point and Figure has been around for over 130 years and the method is just as essential for chart analysis today as it always has been. While the basic principles of the technique have remained unchanged, those working with Point and Figure must still push the boundaries of how it is used, looking to make it even more insightful and powerful.

This is exactly what Jeremy du Plessis has achieved with 21st Century Point and Figure. Previously, it was thought that the lack of time on Point and Figure charts meant that time-based tools and indicators could not be used, and lack of volume meant that the importance of individual columns could not be determined. du Plessis shows definitively that neither is the case and that with the use of lateral thinking there are also a host of other new techniques that can be added to Point and Figure charts and analysis.

In this advanced practical guide, du Plessis explains:

  • How to use moving averages, Bollinger bands, Donchian channels and parabolic stop and reverse with Point and Figure charts.
  • How time-based indicators such as overbought/oversold, RSI, directional movement and MACD can be used with Point and Figure charts. 
  • How column volume can be used to assess a column’s strength and how volume at box level can be used to assess support and resistance areas.
  • How traditional accumulation distribution lines, such as on-balance volume and volume-price trend, can be used to enhance the reading of the chart.
  • How the analysis of relative strength and spreads can be enhanced using these new techniques.
  • Two new Point and Figure-based market breadth-indicators.

Finally, he introduces a new Point and Figure based oscillator that can also be used on time-based charts. All topics are illustrated with numerous high-quality, full colour charts and observations from years of trading experience. The techniques described here opens up a whole world of new and advanced analysis tools.

Hardcover: 200 pages

Publisher: Harriman House (February 2015)

ISBN-13: 978-0857194428

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