The Art of the Chart - Electronic Download

by Joseph Majocha
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The Art of the Chart - Electronic Download by Joseph Majocha

This PDF-format downloadable book guides you through the fundamental need to know concepts of technical analysis and displays 60 real-life charts that clarify key points, and teaches you how to make it work for you in an easy to read, to understand and apply methodology. The topics are presented in a logical order and build upon knowledge from one chapter to the next and yet, maintains a simplicity and clarity to the subjects discussed. Practical applications with examples are presented via!) charts providing insight to the decision making process of buying & selling stocks.


Chapter 1 Fundamental & Technical Analysis
Chapter 2 Charts
Chapter 3 The 4 Stages of a Stock Cycle
Chapter 4 Volume
Chapter 5 Relative Strength
Chapter 6 Moving Averages
Chapter 7 Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
Chapter 8 Support
Chapter 9 Resistance
Chapter 10 Trendlines & Channels
Chapter 11 Pivot Point
Chapter 12 Breakout
Chapter 13 Price Gaps
Chapter 14 Reversal Day
Chapter 15 Applications Utilizing Indicators
Chapter 16 Stock Splits
Chapter 17 Limit Order
Chapter 18 Market Order
Chapter 19 Stop Loss Order
Chapter 20 Buying on Margin
Chapter 21 Short Selling
Chapter 22 Cost to Trade
Chapter 23 Indexes
Chapter 24 IndExchange Trackers – Stocks That Mirror a Major Index
Chapter 25 iShares
Chapter 26 Rules of Investing

Electronic PDF: approx. 118 printed pages

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