The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators

by Robert W. Colby
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The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators by Robert W. Colby 

This new edition offers an accumulated treasury of nearly all known technical market indicators, including many new ones and better ways to use long-established ones. It offers precise formulas, performance over all available market history, and how to maximize reward/risk potentials. Now you can apply tested indicators immediately to your own investment decision making.

Praise for the first edition:

"Objective. Systematic. Honest. Pulls no punches. Thorough. Extensively researched. Provides in-depth coverage of more than one hundred indicators, clearly revealing both their strengths and weaknesses. Shows you how to select indicators that work best to achieve your objectives while taking the guesswork out of your investing and trading. The source for the actual facts about technical market timing indicators." Alan R. Shaw, Managing Director, Senior Advisor, Technical Research Department, Salomon Smith Barney

"The most thoroughly documented research that I have ever seen. Shows hard evidence. Highly recommended." Gerald Appel, Signalert Corporation

"Credible. Must reading." Norman G. Fosback, The Institute for Econometric Research, Inc.

"Terrific. The most helpful text." Paul Rabbitt, RabbittAnalytics.Com

The same technical market indicators used by top-performing traders and investors are available now. This book offers the necessary knowledge on how to formulate and test technical market indicators in an orderly, step-by-step fashion. Specific technical market indicator parameters shown in this book would have maximized reward/risk performance over actual market history. Technical market indicators offer:

Logical, practical, efficient, effective, systematic, and precisely quantified frameworks for organizing information about actual observed market behavior, providing a firm foundation for making speculative decisions, grounded on historical precedent Flexibility and adaptability to any time frame and any trading instrument Clear-cut, precise, and objective signals that allow us to confidently execute trades while eliminating uncertainty, guesswork, confusion, anxiety, and stress, and freeing us from forecasts, opinion, bias, ego, hope, greed, and fear A sensible and orderly procedure for selecting specific decision rules that would have maximized reward/risk performance over actual past market behavior Simple, intuitive, easy-to-understand, and precisely defined formulas based on a manageable number of variables, enabling us to execute decisions with the timely and disciplined consistency that is vital for success in the financial markets Accessibility, based on readily available technology and data Conservation of capital and precisely defined methods for risk control Risk reduction means greater consistency of profitable returns This book shows you how to find a trading system that is right for you and how to apply it for best resultsincreased profit, decreased risk, and the self-confidence of gaining control over your investment decision making.

Hardcover: 820 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 2nd Edition (October 22, 2002)

ISBN-13: 978-0070120570 
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