Successful Stock Signals for Traders and Portfolio Managers

by Tom K. Lloyd
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Successful Stock Signals for Traders and Portfolio Managers: Integrating Technical Analysis with Fundamentals to Improve Performance 

A comprehensive guide to technical analysis for both the novice and the professional

Technical analysis is a vital tool for any trader, asset manager, or investor who wants to earn top returns. Successful Stock Signals for Traders and Portfolio Managers lets you combine technical analysis and fundamental analysis using existing technical signals to improve your investing performance. Author Tom Lloyd Sr. explains all the technical indicators you need to know, including moving averages, relative strength, support and resistance, sell and buy signals, candlesticks, point and figure charts, Fibonacci levels, Bollinger Bands, and both classic and new indicators. Merging these technical indicators with fundamental analysis will keep you in a portfolio of outperforming stocks, sharpen your fundamental buy discipline, and put your sell discipline on autopilot.

  • Includes case studies applying technical analysis to current trending and hotly debated stocks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix
  • Offers thorough and straightforward guidance on technical analysis for both professional and individual investors
  • Covers the vital indicators in the public domain that investors need to know

Whether you're an individual investor who wants to beat the indexes, a trader looking for high-risk, high-return positions, or a portfolio manager who wants to take a fundamental approach, this an ideal guide to technical analysis and indicators. 

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Wiley; 1st Edition (July 2013)

ISBN-13: 978-1118544525

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