New Frontiers in Technical Analysis

by Paul Ciana
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New Frontiers in Technical Analysis: Effective Tools and Strategies for Trading and Investing by Paul Ciana 

An essential guide to the most innovative technical trading tools and strategies available 

In today's investment arena, there is a growing demand to diversify investment strategies through numerous styles of contemporary market analysis, as well as a continuous search for increasing alpha. Paul Ciana, Bloomberg L.P.'s top liason to Technical Analysts worldwide, understands these challenges very well and that is why he has created New Frontiers in Technical Analysis.

Paul, along with in-depth contributions from some of the worlds most accomplished market participants developed this reliable guide that contains some of the newest tools and strategies for analyzing today's markets. The methods discussed are based on the existing body of knowledge of technical analysis and have evolved to support, and appeal to technical, fundamental, and quantitative analysts alike.

• It answers the question "What are other people using?" by quantifying the popularity of the universally accepted studies, and then explains how to use them
• Includes thought provoking material on seasonality, sector rotation, and market distributions that can bolster portfolio performance
• Presents ground-breaking tools and data visualizations that paint a vivid picture of the direction of trend by capitalizing on traditional indicators and eliminating many of their faults
• And much more

Engaging and informative, New Frontiers in Technical Analysis contains innovative insights that will sharpen your investments strategies and the way you view today's market. 

From the Inside Flap

In today's financial markets, there is a growing demand to diversify an investment strategy and a continuous search for increasing alpha. Paul Ciana, Bloomberg LP's top liason to technical analysts worldwide, understands these challengesvery well and that is why he has created New Frontiers in Technical Analysis.

Ciana, along with in-depth contributions from some of the world's most accomplished market participants, developed this reliable guide that contains some of the newest tools and strategies for analyzing today's markets. All of the contributions to this book can be considered work that has not been seen before in this much detail.

You'll quickly discover how to excel in today's financial markets as:

  • Paul Ciana discusses previously undisclosed evidence of what the most popular chart types and technical indicators are, and then provides a succinct description of how to use the popular tools

  • Julius de Kempenaer offers insight on formalizing a sector rotation strategy for world markets by tracking relative performance and momentum through a unique visualization tool called the Relative Rotation Graph.

  • Phil Erlanger presents quantitative work oninvesting with seasonality and his four-stepapproach to trading using bias, setups, triggers, and monitoring

  • Cynthia Kase explains her "KASE" trading strategies using a multitude of tools that address challenging subjects such as appropriate stop levels, adjusting for volatility, and the confluence of multiple time frames

  • Andrew Kezeli discusses how TAS Professional LLC has incorporated the advantages of the unorthodox,yet extremely powerful, Market Profile into a suite of technical indicators that are applied to the more traditional bar chart

  • Rick Knox, through the application of ATM studies, introduces the methods he uses to identify and track Elliott Wave structures, when to enter and exit a trade while considering price and time risk management, and the importance of higher time frame analysis to your investment strategy.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran,there is much to be gained by reading this book. The information found here will not only sharpen your investment strategies, but will also improve the way you view the financial market.

From the Back Cover

Praise for New Frontiers in Technical Analysis

"This is a groundbreaking book that discloses many trade secrets previously known only to a select few market data managers. By drawing upon vast amounts of historic Bloomberg system data, Paul Ciana shows exactly which technical analysis techniques are most popular globally, who uses them, and when. Having looked back, Paul then goes on to highlight several very new techniques and their application to today's markets. An excellent contribution to the world of technical analysis literature and a must-read for all serious technicians."
Adam Sorab, President, International Federation of Technical Analysts; Head of Technical Research, CQS (UK) LLP

"The optimum word in technical analysis is 'change,' and that is exactly what this book addresses: the important new changes taking place in the subject today and the myriad of ways that technical analysis identifies critical changes in and between markets. Paul introduces us to new ways of visualizing changes in relative activity: changes in seasonal cycles, changing rules and much more. Enjoy New Frontiers, it will enable you to set up your own disciplines and to embrace change."
Ralph Acampora, CMT, Chief Technical Analyst, Alverita LLC

"Paul has opened the door for a new type of book involving technical analysis. In the past, there have been great books written that interviewed technical traders and investors. Paul has introduced a book that allows successful technical analysts to share their personal strategies and innovative techniques. Each section is an in-depth look at their favorite technical work. The section by my friend Julius de Kempenaer is worth the cost of the book alone. Nice work, Paul."
Gregory L. Morris, Chief Technical Analyst and Chairman of the Investment Committee, Stadion Money Management; author of Candlestick Charting Explained and The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators

"After reading New Frontiers in Technical Analysis, the aspiring technician will feel as if they just had golf lessons from six recent winners of the Masters."
Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist, Standard & Poor's Equity Research

"New Frontiers in Technical Analysis is an enlightening book for experienced technicians, and yet still accessible for those who are new to the art. Mr. Ciana has collected the thoughts of five great minds, who present their indicators in a compelling format. Many of the indicators are derivations of the old familiars, such as the MACD and the stochastics, whereas others are nothing short of ground-breaking. From Julius de Kempenaer's Relative Rotation Graphs to Cynthia Kase's Equal True Range Bar Charts, there is something for everyone. A new regime of technicians has clearly arrived, and this book serves as their showcase. In addition, Mr. Ciana gives us a rare look into the worldwide usage of various indicators through his unique position at Bloomberg LP."
Katie Stockton, CMT, Managing Director and Chief Market Technician, MKM Partners

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Bloomberg Press; 1st Edition (September  2011)

ISBN-13: 978-1576603765

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