Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager

by Laurence Connors and Blake Hayward
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Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager by Laurence Connors and Blake Hayward 

Provides a collection of short term trading methods, which apply to stocks, options, futures, and indexes. They may be used by the average trader and most require no computer, software, or intra-day monitoring. If you are interested in short term trading, the ideas and methods you will learn from this book will prove immensely helpful.

As quoted from the book cover: Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager is more than a book. It is an inside look at how two highly successful hedge fund managers make their day-to-day, hour-to-hour trading decisions. Moreover, it explains the exact methods and techniques they use to take short-term trading profits out of the futures, options, and equity markets.

Hedge fund managers Larry Connors and Blake Hayward may be the most important market innovators of our time. Meticulous researchers, they have tested virtually every known technical system, as well as many systems and indicators they created themselves. After discovering that more than 90% of today's technical indicators and systems don't make money, they developed a unique approach that exploits the one constant in the financial markets: The herd mentality of the majority of investors and their tendency to panic at identifiable moments.

Never before seen, the Connors-Hayward approach is astonishing in its simplicity and precision. Fully-documented and easy-to-use, it produces explicit buy and sell signals that take advantage of the shifting psychology of the marketplace. Thoroughly researched, the Connors-Hayward approach works in both historical back-testing and in real-time trading.

Hardcover: 210 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; (April 1, 1995)

ISBN-13: 978-1557389008 
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