The Visual Investor (2nd Edition)

by John J. Murphy
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The Visual Investor: How to Spot Market Trends, 2nd Edition by John J. Murphy

The Visual Investor, Second Edition breaks down technical analysis into terms that are accessible to even individual investors. Aimed at the typical investor--such as the average CNBC viewer--this book shows investors how to follow the ups and downs of stock prices by visually comparing the charts, without using formulas or having a necessarily advanced understanding of technical analysis math and jargon. Murphy covers all the fundamentals, from chart types and market indicators to sector analysis and global investing, providing examples and easy-to-read charts so that any reader can become a skilled visual investor.

Publisher Comments:

Visual analysis, also known as technical or chart analysis, is one of the best ways to invest in today's markets—and it's not as hard as you might think. This proven approach allows you to follow almost any market, without having to be an expert on any of them, and it can give you an enormous advantage over those who prefer to use some form of economic or fundamental analysis.

With over forty years of market experience and a number of bestselling financial books to his name, John Murphy, one of the world's foremost technical analysts and educators, knows what it takes to make it in this field. Now, with the Second Edition of The Visual Investor—which has been completely updated for current markets—Murphy shares his invaluable insights on this subject with you.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this updated guide will introduce you to "visual" investing by explaining a variety of charting techniques that professionals have used for decades, and shows you how specific visual tools can put you in a better position to successfully trade commodities, currencies, bonds, and stocks in both domestic and global financial markets. With the real-world examples and comprehensive charts found here, you'll quickly discover how to:

*Tell the difference between markets that are trending and those that are not

*Locate important breakouts or breakdowns

*Spot significant support and resistance levels

*Implement asset allocation and sector rotation strategies through exchange-traded funds and mutual funds

*Utilize moving averages to keep track of trends

*Incorporate essential price patterns into your investment analysis

Along the way, Murphy takes you through the ins and outs of reading price and volume charts that can help you make sensible investment decisions, and highlights how you can track the ups and downs of financial markets by visually comparing charts—instead of relying upon complex mathematical formulas and confusing technical concepts.

Knowing why a market is moving is interesting, but not crucial to investment success. In order to trade profitably, all that really matters is what the markets are actually doing. Visual analysis is the best way to determine this, and with the Second Edition of The Visual Investor as your guide, you'll learn how to put this effective approach to work for you to enhance the performance of your portfolio. '

Praise for The Visual Investor Second Edition:

"John Murphy displays his remarkably broad knowledge of price patterns and intermarket relationships in this concise, up-to-date edition. It is a tour through the most important visual techniques, punctuated with practical, timely examples, including real estate, gold, VIX, mutual funds, and ETFs. Every trader will want to read this."

—Perry Kaufman, author of New Trading Systems and Methods, 4th Edition and A Short Course in Technical Trading

"John Murphy has surpassed another career milestone. His first book on technical analysis is widely regarded as the industry's standard, and his second is considered a groundbreaking dissertation on intermarket analysis. So too, The Visual Investor, Second Edition is expected to become a reference guide for technicians and fundamentalists alike, as he has successfully removed the mystique that has shrouded conventional chart analysis by providing a panorama of visual tools and relationships that simplify a heretofore seemingly complex investment approach."

—Tom DeMark, President, Market Studies Inc.

"Imagine going grocery shopping in the stock market and facing hundreds of canned goods marked candlesticks, chart patterns, and indicators. Murphy pulls from the shelf his favorites, explains them to you, and adds them to your shopping cart. At home, he opens each can and cooks a delicious meal that is not only tasty but profitable as well. The Visual Investor is John Murphy's cookbook. Read it."

—Thomas N. Bulkowski,, author of Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns and Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

"If investors want to learn how to trade trends, they should study every word of The Visual Investor, Second Edition. Murphy hits the mark again!"

—Michael Covel, author of The Complete TurtleTrader and Trend Following 
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Hardcover: 316 pages 
Publisher: Wiley (February 2009) 
ISBN-13: 978-0470382059 
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